We are doctors, nurses, patients, designers and medical engineers.


We work in challenging Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and saw the need for a communication aid designed specifically for patients, medical professionals and caregivers.


We took our everyday experience and created the ThumbsUp app to solve a significant health and communication challenge for patients and critical care professionals. 



Our app is based on scientific studies


Scientific work in Critical Care environments on patient communication is sparse and more research work needs to be done in the future. Our product is the result of both an analysis of the available literature and a response to it.

Language is critical for communication

We know how important language is for communication. So, the ThumbsUp Team is steadily adding new languages to bring the power of our app to everyone.

We need the feedback of YOU, working daily with our app in an ICU


We are interested in developing and improving our app! So we need your feedback, right from the hospital. You have any suggestions for new features? Or you see, that something doesn't really work? Don't hesitate to contact us!



Some help for holding the iPad


As patients in an ICU are often not capable of holding an iPad, we have here searched for you some good iPad fixations. Simply click on the image to get redirected to the manufacturers homepage.v






Send us your feedback from your daily work.





You got a feature suggestion? You are welcome!



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ThumbsUp is a product of Vanek & Cie, Switzerland - info@thumbsup.ch -