ThumbsUp - Your patient's voice


ThumbsUp is a tablet application designed to improve communication. Use ThumbsUp in your Critical Care environment, stroke unit or in any situation where a patient is awake and conscious, but unable to express his needs verbally.

Better understand your patient's needs


Our primary concern is to address topics of daily routine like pain management, comfort, personal wellbeing and social interaction.

ThumbsUp has been designed by experienced Critical Care doctors, nurses and therapists, who were frustrated using cardboard and paper pictograms.

Language is critical for communication


We know how important language is for communication. So, the ThumbsUp Team is steadily adding new languages to bring the power of our app to everyone. 


- Czech       

- German         

- English      

- Spanish       

- French

- Hindi

- Italian

- Litvian



ThumbsUp is customizable


- Set the gender of the patient, for less confusion

- Set the language for a better communication

- Set the location for faster orientation






- Dutch       

- Polish       

- Portugese     

- Russian     

- Rumantsch

- Swedish

- Turkish

- Chinese



Our app is based on scientific studies


Scientific work in Critical Care environments on patient communication is sparse and more research work needs to be done in the future. Our product is the result of both an analysis of the available literature and a response to it.



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